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Backend management of your players for indie game developers.

G.A.M.E Jam Sponsorship

2020-04-18 Tilted COVID-20th Game Jam

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Prize: $50 to the winning team if if there are six (6) or fewer total developers participating in the jam (not the team) and $100 for seven (7) or more developers.

  1. The team's game must be built in an engine supported the G.A.M.E service (Currently Unity)
  2. The G.A.M.E service needs to be added to the game
  3. All team members should be added to the game through add developers to game page
  4. At the beginning of the event all teams declare there game engine / development tool
  5. During the event I (Jacob Christ from bookletgames.com/game) will make the tool work with other game engines within 3 hours of judging.
    • If I cannot get it to work with other engine, the prize will open up to that engine
    • If I can get it to work with other engine, service must be added to qualify for the prize
    • I need to have some fun too